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How far does one go?

The Galaxie Central website is finally up and running. To be honest, it's been up and running for the past two weeks, though I wouldn't have hardly called it good by any measure up until this afternoon. Deciding how to design and execute a website is a tricky thing. Having a laser focus on what a website should accomplish and how it should be designed is the key to a well executed site. Or you can do what did, which was none of those things. I ran on passion, and perseverance. I made a bunch of mistakes and went to bed at ridiculous hours, far lately than I care to admit. But the idea of creating a website based on a hobby/passion had been a goal of mine for the better part of 20 years, and I was going to make it a reality this time.

In the past, I began the process of creating websites in earnest at least three previous times. The first attempt was a site dedicated to another deep love of mine: reggae music. The other two previous attempts revolved around sites about owning classic Mustangs, my previous two classic cars. But those sites were a dime a dozen back then and quite honestly, my resources and know-how was severely limited. My attempts were lazy, half-hearted, and lackluster at best. Only until I became the owner of a 1966 Ford Galaxie 4 years ago did I begin to understand just how under-represented these large and majestic cars were. My mind was set, and although this endeavor actually began years ago as a slow trickle, we are finally where we are today, with yet a long way to go.

What does the future hold for this fledgling site? A this moment, there are no grand master plans on how this site will be designed. Will there be ads? Maybe, in the future. Building and running a website takes a lot of time and money out of pocket and perhaps some ads would be subsidize the costs. Will there be things other people may or may not like? I'm sure that will be the case. I'm sure there will be things people would like to see and not see. So the question remains? How far should I go? Who knows! But I DO know what I want the site to be.

The ultimate goal of the site is to be a classy, modern hub of information, community, and entertainment that pays homage to a car I have been steadily growing to respect and love.

Let's go.

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