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The following post was drafted back in July. The following up post will see where we actually landed...

The stage is set. I have not a single plan to do anything special at all this weekend. I am finally going to tackle a laundry list of items on the Galaxie to get her up and running again.

I’ll get the water pump, thermostat, alternator, radiator, and new flex fan Installed.

I began stripping And removing some small rust patches and I plan on repainting the old valve covers instead replacing them with new ones like I originally thought. They’re the old “Powered by Ford” variety, so even with the bumps and imperfection that they have, the original vintage look may end up a little more authentic than the Mr. Gasket $40 special at Autozone.

I’ll clean the top end of the heads while I have the valve covers off. There’s a little bit of sludge that could use some attention.

My friends in our Galaxie Central and Full-Sized Ford Facebook groups gave me some sound advice on how to address the sludge. I love those guys, as they are such a wealth of knowledge.

I have a rebuild kit for my Carter AFB carb (talk about old school), and I also have a new Weiand Stealth intake to install, but I may not necessarily get that far this weekend. Still, we should all have stretch goals 😋.

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